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Hoover Filters

Hoover Filters

  • Hoover Alpina Filters - FIL158

    Hoover Alpina Series Filters Fits: Alpina Series: SC184, SC185, SC186, SC188, SC190, SC192, SC194, SC196, SC198, SC200, SC202, SC204, SC206, SC210, SC211, SC212, SC214, SC221, SC230, SC231, SC232, SC240, SC260, SC280, SC282, SC334 Pack...

  • Hoover Aquamaster Filter - FIL137

    Hoover Aquamaster Filter Fits: Wet & Dry (3 in 1), Aquamaster, Aquaplus, Aquajet, C2718, 4326, 4328, 4330, 4332, 4380, 4396, 4398, 4402, 4422, 4424, 4426, 4428, 4470 Pack Quantity: Each Manufacturer Reference: 676034, 09030800

  • Hoover Compact (Square) Filters - FIL133

    Hoover Compact (Square) Filters Fits: Compact: S3458, S3460, S3462, S3464, S3476, S3478, S3680, S3682, S3684, S3706, S3708, S3710, S3712, S3742, S3858, S3860, S3864, SC036, SC078, SC118, SC120, SC122, SC142 Pack Quantity: Pack of...

  • Hoover Purepower Filters - FIL57

    Hoover Purepower Filters Fits: Purepower: U3120, U3130, U3140, U3141, U3128, U3137, U3250, U3330, U3340, U3350 Pack Quantity: Set of 4 Manufacturer Reference: 09161530

  • Hoover Purepower HEPA Filter - FIL538

    Hoover Purepower Washable HEPA Filter Fits: Purepower: U3120, U3125, U3128, U3130, U3137, U3140, U3141, U3142, U3150, U3153, U3160, U3250, U3255, U3258, U3330, U3340, U3341, U3350, U3455, U3565, U3566, U6125 Pack...

  • Hoover Sensotronic Filters - FIL120

    Hoover Sensotronic Filters Fits: Sensotronic: S3126, S3128, S3130, S3132, S3134, S3320, S3322, S3324, S3326, S3328, S3350, S3360, S3362, S3430, S3448, S3450, S3452, S3454, S3456 Pack Quantity: Pack of 3 Manufacturer...