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  • GRILL ELEMENT - 1000/2000W

    FBI523A, FBI533A, FBI773B, FM5231, FM5232, FM5611, FM5612, FM9232, FM9411, FM9412, FM9611, FMW9613, MC5634, MC9634, MS016B, MS016W, ZCM5200B, ZCM5200W, OL:355 IDW:350 TC:38 TL:35 HSC:55 PW:23 PL:120 W:1000 2000

  • GRILL ELEMENT - 800/1900W

    THIS ELEMENT HAS A SWIVEL BACK PLATE , ZBD904, ZBS701, ZBS703SS, ZBS703W, ZDA45, ZDA55, ZSA25, ZSA35, ZSA35W, OL:362 IDW:349 TC:16 TL:50 HSC:86 PW:25 PL:96 W:800 1750