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  • GRILL ELEMENT - 2050/900W

    GRILL ELEMENT - 2050/900W

    50601/BW/WH, 50701/BR/WH, AKG303/BV01/WH01, BV02/WH06, AKG211/PH/WH, AKG213/BV01/WH01, AKF9691/GBV01/GWH01, AKF970/BV01, AKG214/BV02/WH02/BV/WE, D0603/BR/WH OL:350 IDW:365 TC:32 TL:42 HSC:55 PW:24 PL:128 W:2000 900

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  • GRILL ELEMENT - 1800/1200W

    GRILL ELEMENT - 1800/1200W

    COMPARISION TO, ACH571, ACH1970, AKG214, AKG313/WH/01, OLD PART IS, ACH572, AKB540, AKG305/BV/01, AKG314, RECOMMENDED, ACH586/BS, AKB541, AKG305/WH/01, AKG318, MANUFACTURES, ACH586WH, AKG209/BV,01, AKG306/BV/01, AKG410/BV/01, HAVE FITTED, ACH587BS,...

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  • ELEMENT - 1100W

    ELEMENT - 1100W

    AKB210BV/01, AKB210WH/01, AKB214BV/01, AKB214WH/01, AKB300, AKB303/WH/BV/01/WH/01, AKB308WH, AKB314/BV, AKB318PH, AKB325/PH/WH, AKB540/WH/PH, AKB541/PH/WH, ACH599, ACH970BS, ACH2652, ACH6962, OL:340 IDW:350 TC:23 TL:35 HSC:86 PW:18 PL:100 W:1200

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